Take part in the solutions to solve real-world problems with our community partners and upskill yourself!


One of the most significant impacts of the ongoing ravaging coronavirus pandemic is its impact on the learning experiences and career development of the youngsters, especially for the underprivileged ones. 

Therefore, D-Generation strives to promote social inclusion and build up social capital of youths from different backgrounds, through facilitating peer learning between local and non-Chinese-speaking youths.

Leaving no one behind

We are committed in bringing quality community education regardless of races and backgrounds. 

Our 3C Approach

Communication x Confidence x Cultural Intelligence

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”

Study groups with a mix of local and non-Chinese speaking youths will be formed based on their preferred learning topics, including event management, digital marketing and community education. A 10-hour online/offline training, followed by at least 80-hour pro- bono internship opportunities, will be provided to participating youths. It is expected that the mix of local and non-Chinese speaking youths in study groups could enhance their understanding on respective values and experiences, and build a peer support network of diverse backgrounds.

What can you contribute?

If you are passionate in promoting social inclusion and building social capital of youths from different backgrounds, join us with the D-Generation programme to create more opportunities for our youth together!