Pre survey (Cohort 2)

DGen | Participants Pre-Survey (Cohort 2)

(If applicable)

Part I: Workplace skills

In order to have a better understanding of you, we would like to invite you for a self-evaluation on the following skills that are regarded as important in workspace.
Have you used the below digital tools before?
Tick if you have used before; leave it blank if you didn't
Project management
Interpersonal communication
Cross-cultural team collaboration
Problem solving
Digital skills (Use of technology tools)
Content Production
Event Organisation
English language
Chinese language

Part II: Career Planning

We would also like to understand more about your future career planning.
Yes, to a very great extentYes, to a Large ExtentSomehow, to some extentPossibly, I’m not sureNo, not yet
Have you learned about different careers other than those of your family?
Do you know what skills employers need?
Do you know how to find out how much you could earn in different types of jobs?
Have you thought about how jobs and careers may change in the future?
Do you have support to help you make education and career choices?
Have you made contact with people who work in jobs that interest you?
Do you have a plan for your next step after you leave school or college?
(If yes, are your thoughts at the moment?)
Max. file size: 5 MB.
Share with us your CV if you have not shared before.