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D-Generation curates a range of future-ready social impact programmes for youths to advance themselves and support our community partners.


Immerse yourself in social impact organisations and equip yourself with future-proof skills

Impact Organisations

Groom and work with our trained talents in Asia


Co-create real-world social impact experiences & career exploration for your students

About D-Generation

D-Generation aims to develop youth talents to co-create an inclusive & sustainable future. 

We work with progressive impact organisations, schools and students to work on targeted sustainability solutions.


Our Mission

Building a Sustainable Talent Pipeline


Bridge the gap between education and work for the future of our youth.


Foster collaborations among youth of diverse culture, backgrounds, co-creating local and regional impacts.


Develop opportunities for youth to take part in social sustainability leadership through experiential learning.

Co-creating an inclusive future

With reference to the OECD and World Economic Forum’s framework, we have designed a 3-step approach for our youth to advance their future.

Get upskilled with our professional trainings which covers various trending topics about digital transformation, project management, community education etc. 

Boost cross-cultural teamwork ability by developing your peer networks. You will have chance to take lead of different small tasks that empower you to be a better project leader. 

Expand your professional networks with our community partners, instructors and build up your portfolio with us!

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What did our participants and partners say?

Working together with different people in this project really was refreshing, I really got the opportunity to explore a new career path other than the career related to what I’m studying, I really learnt a lot and there’s still much more to learn.
Kaur Navpreet
HKU Year 2 student
Glad to collaborate with D-Generation and get the students from diverse backgrounds to work on important issues including industrialisation 4.0, climate change etc.
Andre Kwok (Founder)
Good City Foundation
We are delighted to collaborate with D-Generation in our community project. Throughout the project, the students have not only arranged online lessons and homework tutorial classes for the disadvantaged kids, but also helped in organising a press conference to voice out the needs of the families!
Bonnie Cheung (Project Supervisor)
Jockey Club Healthy Neighbourhood Kitchen Project

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