Co-create real-world social impact experiences for students

At D-Generation, we offer bespoke career consultancy and training for students who are passionate in the social impact industry. 

Our programme is offered through a blended learning model with our digital learning platform supported by in-class workshops provided through our industrial partners across Asia.

Learning Framework

We have designed the three learning themes by referring to OECD and Economic Forum’s framework of skills for the future. 

Through a series of cross-sector co-learning, collaborations and community internships, we also help the students to implement what you learn, equip themselves and participate in the community.

What did our students say?

Working together with different people in this project really was refreshing, I really got the opportunity to explore a new career path other than the career related to what I’m studying, I really learnt a lot and there’s still much more to learn.
Kaur Navpreet
HKU Year 2 student